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Table 1 Eligibility Screening in a study of patients with recurrent or persistent low back pain from a randomized clinical trial investigating the comparative effectiveness of chiropractic maintenance care

From: The Nordic maintenance care program: maintenance care reduces the number of days with pain in acute episodes and increases the length of pain free periods for dysfunctional patients with recurrent and persistent low back pain - a secondary analysis of a pragmatic randomized controlled trial

Time pointInclusion criteriaExclusion criteria
Baseline 1 (1st visit)Age 18–65 years.
LBP with or without leg pain for altogether more than 30 days during the previous year.
Previous episodes.
Access to a mobile phone.
Ability to send and receive SMS (text messages).
Chiropractic treatment less than 3 months previously.
Completely subsidized treatment from 3rd party payer.
Serious pathology (i.e. acute trauma, cancer, infection, cauda equina, osteoporosis, vertebral fractures) or other contraindications to manual therapy.
Baseline 2 (4th visit)Self-rated “definitely improved” 
Baseline 3 (Study start)Interval between treatments (after the 4th visit) can be scheduled 1 month or more. 
  1. LBP non-specific low back pain (Table reproduced from study protocol, approved by authors [22])