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Table 3 Twitter Tone Index (TTI)

From: Misinformation about spinal manipulation and boosting immunity: an analysis of Twitter activity during the COVID-19 crisis

Tweet ContentCoding DescriptionExample Hit (bold = search terms)
PromotingA tweet that suggests directly or indirectly that a SMT/profession improves or boosts immunity-#chiropractic boosts your immune system up to 200%
NeutralFactual, not misleading (as defined by WHO etc.)-Wash your hands often. #chiropractic #immunity
RefutingA tweet that directly or indirectly refutes a SMT/profession for promoting or boosting immunity.-Naturopathic treatment can boost the immune system (screen capture). This is false!
Not RelevantA tweet with unrelated content-What are the roadblocks for treating osteosarcoma with immunotherapy?