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Table 1 Barriers and facilitators to chiropractor inclusion in inter-professional practice

From: The professional contribution of chiropractors to Danish elite football clubs: a qualitative exploration of role and perceived value in an interprofessional service provision context

Barrier Key quote(s) Facilitator Key quote(s)
Back pain expert relevance? … we do not experience players who have an issue with their low back being out of training. (HC7; L42–44). Shift toward extended health care delivery I found that he would be able to complement me and the other physiotherapists. Particularly with the knowledge of the back and neck (HC1; L52–54).
We do not [decide] from our own subject knowledge. … we combine our subject knowledge and get a common output – and that is the output we release (HC3; L57–60).
Uniqueness of chiropractor expertise … we have had osteopaths… instead of chiropractors… which you can say on some things are down the same road (HC6; L6–10). Perceived need for a (spinal) MSK expert I think there was a need for their [chiropractor] knowledge and what they could do (HC5; L122).
Existing provider group competition … the previous physios were not fans of chiropractors, it was the players who needed to ask to be seen by a chiropractor… (CH1; L41–44).
I do not know the chiropractor’s role in rehabilitation and how good they are at that – and that is probably why it is physiotherapists we employ (HC7; L54–58).
Athlete satisfaction If he was not here and we could not use him, it would be a shortcoming, … (AT1; L60–62)
We benefit much from them… The chiropractors are more long-term solution oriented. I think that is the way so many utilize them… (AT2; L20–26)
Financial limitations It is not that I do not want to be there more, but I do not think the club can afford it (CH1; L99–101).
There is [only] money for two full time employees and I prefer that instead of me being full time and four others sharing the other days, to be as few as possible. And from those criteria I think it makes more sense to have two full time physiotherapists… (HC7; L14–19).