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Reviewer acknowledgements 2016

The editors and staff of Chiropractic & Manual Therapies would like to warmly thank the reviewers whose comments helped to shape the journal, for their invaluable assistance with review of manuscripts in Volume 24 (2016).

Carlo Ammendolia, Canada

William J. Anderst, United States

Matthew Barrigar, Canada

Paolo Bifulco, Italy

Marc-andre Blanchette, Canada

Jennifer Bolton, United Kingdom

Rodney Bonello, Australia

Rod Bonello, United States

Gert Bronfort, United States

Paul Bruno, Canada

Edward Cambridge, Canada

Melainie Cameron, Australia

Josh Cameron, United Kingdom

Vincenzo Cascioli, Australia

Adelaida María Castro Sánchez, Spain

Melanie Charity, Australia

Thomas Christ, United States

Colin Crawford, Australia

Alasdair Dempsey, Australia

Martin Descarreaux, Canada

David Eliot, United States

Roni Evans, United States

Matthew Fernandez, Australia

Randy Ferrance, United States

Jonathan Fields, United Kingdom

Jorge Fuentes, Canada

William Grant, United States

Maruti Gudavalli, United States

Mitchell Haas, United States

Bjorn Hennius, United Kingdom

Lise Hestbaek, Denmark

Ingrid Heuch, Norway

B. Kim Humphreys, Switzerland

Stanley Innes, Australia

Mette Jensen Stochkendahl, Denmark

Kristine Karlson, United States

Kevin Kelliher, United States

Peter Michael Kent, Denmark

Alice Kongsted, Denmark

Deborah Kopansky-Giles, Canada

Saravana Kumar, Australia

Robert Lardner, United States

Henrik Lauridsen, Denmark

Dana Lawrence, United States

Charlotte Leboeuf-Yde, Denmark

Ivan Lin, Australia

Cyndy Long, United States

John Mayer, United States

Michael Minardo, United States

Silvano Mior, Canada

Timothy Mirtz, United States

Donald Murphy, United States

Newsha Nargaski, United States

Dave Newell, United Kingdom

Paul Nolet, Canada

Raymond Ostelo, Netherlands

Isabelle Pagé, Canada

Eric Parent, Canada

Cynthia Peterson, Switzerland

Nicola Petty, United Kingdom

Jean-Philippe Pialasse, Canada

Marie Pirotta, Australia

Henry Pollard, Australia

Barbara Polus, Australia

Mario Pribicevic, Australia

Jeffery Quon, Canada

John Reggars, Australia

Stacie Salsbury, United States

Richard Saporito, United States

Michael Schneider, United States

Monica Smith, United States

John Srbely, Canada

Matthew Stevens, Australia

Kent Stuber, Canada

Michael Swain, Australia

Howard Vernon, Canada

Bruce Walker,  Australia

Michael Webb, Australia

David Wickes, Canada

Michael Wieting, United States

Shawn Williams, United States

Brigitte Wirth, Switzerland

Peter Woodland, Australia

Larry Wyatt, United States

Kenneth Young, Australia

Martin Young, United Kingdom