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Correction: Why is the prevailing model of joint manipulation (still) incorrect?

The Original Article was published on 09 December 2022

Correction: Chiropractic & Manual Therapies (2022) 30:51

Following the publication of the original article [1], two errors were identified in the article. The updated text is given below, and the change has been highlighted in bold typeface.

Under the Cracking joints header:

After this crack, with increasing load the line returns to a near horizontal gradient once again, until it reaches a maximum separation of approximately 4 mm; a relatively large separation for an MCP joint!

In the legend of Fig. 11:

MR images before and after cavitation in an MCP joint. The original caption of this figure, reproduced from Kawchuk et al. [33], was “T1 static images of the left hand in the resting phase before cracking (left). The same hand following cracking with the addition of a post-cracking distraction force (right). Note the dark, intraarticular void (yellow arrow)”.

The original article [1] has been corrected.


  1. Evans DW. Why is the prevailing model of joint manipulation (still) incorrect? Chiropr Man Therap. 2022;30:51.

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